Size Guide

If you’re not sure what size cake to order, have a look at the Cake Servings Guide. It is just a guide and I have to say the numbers of servings are based on portions much stingier than my family would be happy with; rather they’re the type of portions guests would get at a wedding or party. The wedding figures are based on the type of fingers of cake served at a wedding, whereas the party portions are based on sponge cake servings. (Comparatively, if you want big home/cafe style wedges of cake then a rough guide would be 8” to get 10 servings)

Alongside the Servings Guide, I’ve included a Cake Cutting Guide which I thought might be helpful if you’re wondering how on earth you’re going to get 26 servings out of an 8” round sponge!

Please note I also have the odd number tins, 11″,9″,7″ and 5,” which would serve somewhere in the middle of their even number counterparts! 

Price Guide

As cakes are all so varied giving an exact price before I know exactly what you want is very difficult, particularly for ‘novelty’ shaped cakes, so below is a rough guide to let you have an idea as to what the cost of your cake may be. Prices are calculated on the cost of the ingredients and extras (like the box and board etc) coupled with the time it takes me to make and decorate your cake. Basically, the more costly your ingredients and the more time consuming the decoration; the more expensive the cake will be and vice versa. (I’m sure you can appreciate that figures, handmade flowers and shoes etc. all take a long time to make.) Square cakes are more expensive than round as they use more ingredients and icing. Also cakes can be a double or triple layer sandwich (according to preference) and this will affect the price. The price of tiered cakes can be roughly calculated by adding together the cost of the size cakes which will go together to make the tiered cake.

Single Tier Celebration Cakes

SizePrice Rane
12"£140 - £250
11"£120 - £230
10"£100 - £200
9"£90 - £180
8"£80 - £160
7"£70 - £140
6"£60 - £120
5"£40 - £90

Cup Cakes

Cupcakes start at £2.50 each for a swirled vanilla cupcake with sprinkles or a simple feature (eg small flower, button, star etc.) For the same thing in a luxury flavour prices are £3 and the Cocktail Collection are £4.50. For more highly decorated cupcakes, like the vintage style ones or personalised ones, prices start at £5.00 each for vanilla up to £10 each for highly decorated cupcakes. Cupcakes with edible printed toppers start at £3 each

Flavour / StylePrice Per Cake
Cocktail Collection£4.50
Highly Decorated (e.g. Vintage Style)£5 - £10
Cupcakes With Edible Printed Toppers£3